Acrypol Metal Kote Goosewing Waterproof Roof Coating Grey 20 litre


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Acrypol Metal-Kote Goosewing Waterproof Roof Coating Grey 20 litre


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  • Code: MK2002/20
  • Brand: Acrypol
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Product Information

Acrypol Metal-Kote can be applied in a single coat to combat flaking, rusting and peeling metal and plastic coated roofs. Applied directly with no priming, the exclusive formula offers a 100% waterproofing formula and outstanding adhesion. Perfect for waterproofing and renovating all profiled metal, Acrypol Metal-Kote's fast-acting protective composition protects and preserves the life, looks and performance of buildings. Even tears in metal can be repaired as good as new.

Available Colour:

MK2002/20: Grey


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