BLM Lead-Cote Handspray 500ml with 12 Box


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BLM Lead-Cote Handspray 500ml (Box of 12)


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  • Code: 410
  • Brand: BLM
  • Availability: 3-5 Days

Product Information

Lead-Cote is a user-friendly solvent free alternative to Patination Oil that prevents white staining occurring when newly fitted Lead Sheet is first exposed to rain or moisture. Lead-Cote is applied in the same way as Patination Oil. Minimum of 2 cotes required .Will not harm adjacent materials. Can be applied after the Lead sheet has got wet. No fire or fume risk


  • Packaging: available in 500ml bottles
  • Coverage: between 40m2 - 60m2 per litre, per coat

Applications: New lead sheet treating