Marley Acme Single Camber Clay Plain Roof Tile - Pack of 12


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Marley Acme Single Camber Clay Plain Roof Tile - Pack of 12


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  • Code: MAKE301AB
  • Brand: Marley
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Product Information

Advances in our clay tile technology means beautiful clay roofs are now more affordable than ever, this combined with excellent environmental credentials and a range of colours and finishes available, make Acme Single Camber Clay Plain tiles a real option for your roofing project.

A quality cost effective clay tile with a lower pitch


  • A range of 8 colours to help you match the surrounding area and meet planning requirements
  • A versatile product with market leading 30° minimum pitch for greater design flexibility
  • An 'Excellent' certification forBES 6001 (all clay plain tiles)
  • Range of complementary fittings and accessories
  • Affordable price making them a real option for any roofing project
  • Provides the longevity and quality of using a strong, natural material with the benefits of modern production techniques


Colour MAKE301AB: Red Smooth
MAKE304AB: Heather Blend
MAKE307AB: Red Sandfaced
MAKE309AB: Mixed Brindle
MAKE310AB: Century
MAKE314AB: Heather Sandfaced
MAKE316AB: Farmhouse Brown
MAKE317AB: Grey Sandfaced
Material Clay
Size of Tile

265mm x 165mm

Minimum Pitch


Maximum Pitch


Minimum Headlap

65mm (roof)

37.5mm (vertical)

Maximum Gauge

100mm (roof)

115mm (vertical)

Cover Width

165mm (nominal)

Covering Capacity

60 tiles/2 at 100mm gauge (roof)

53 tiles/2 at 115mm gauge (vertical)

Weight of Tiling

64kg/2 (0.63 kN/2 ) at 100mm gauge (roof)

56kg/2 (0.55 kN/2 ) at 115mm gauge (vertical)

Battens Required

10.0 lin.m/2 at 100mm gauge (roof)

8.7 lin.m/2 at 115mm gauge (vertical)

Batten Size Recommended

38mm x 25mm for rafters/supports not exceeding 600mm centres

Tile Nails

38mm x 2.65mm