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Marley Clay Valley Tile


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  • Code: MAKE001DVALB
  • Brand: Marley
  • Availability: 3-5 days

Product Information

Marley Eternit is a market leading provider of fittings and accessories. From a comprehensive range of tile and slate fittings, through to high performance dry fix and ventilation products, we continue to be recognised for delivering the highest quality roof system


  • Traditional valley fitting
  • Suitable for roof pitches 30 and 60 degrees
  • Available with a range of internal angles between 130 and 150 degrees
  • Available in a range of colours


Colour MAKE001DVALB: Red Smooth
MAKE003DVALB: Red Sandfaced
MAKE004DVALB: Heather Sandfaced
MAKE006DVALB: Farmhouse Brown
MAKE007DVALB: Grey Sandfaced
MAKE009DVALB: Brindle
MAKE031DVALB: Natural Orange
MAKE033DVALB: Heather Blend
MAKE034DVALB: Burnished
MAKE113DVALB: Ashurst
MAKE122DVALB: Aylesham Mix
MAKE140DVALB: Chailey
MAKE142DVALB: Loxleigh
MAKE402DVALB: Dark Heather
MAKE403DVALB: Staffordshire Mix
MAKE406DVALB: Staffordshire Blue
MAKE408DVALB: Blue Smooth
Material Clay