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Marley Cloak Verge Double Roman


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  • Brand: Marley
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Product Information

Marley Eternit cloak verges provides a strong, weathertight and maintenance-free verge that meets the requirements of BS 5534. These purpose-made and colour-matched verge tiles are fast and simple to install, offering a traditional stepped appearance but with the benefit of mechanically fixing the tiles.


  • Purpose-made, colour-matched, mechanically fixed dry verge tiles
  • Provides durable weather tight verge finish
  • Up to 55°roof pitch
  • Suitable for Marley Eternit Mendip, Modern, Double Roman and concrete or clay plain tiles
  • Retains traditional stepped verge appearance
  • Eliminates need for mortar bedding
  • Simple and fast to install
  • Maintenance free
  • Suitable for a range of laps
  • Colour matched to main tiles
  • No bargeboard needed
  • Meets BS 5534 requirements and NHBC guidelines


Colour MA26520: Antique Brown
MA26522: Grey Stone
MA26526: Dark Red
MA26528: Smooth Grey
MA26539: Mosborough Red
MA26552: Smooth Brown
MA26580: Old English Dark Red
MA26620: Antique Brown
MA26622: Grey Stone
MA26626: Dark Red
MA26628: Smooth Grey
MA26639: Mosborough Red
MA26652: Smooth Brown
MA26680: Old English Dark Red
Material Concrete