Marley Eternit Double Roman Interlocking Tile MA10320


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Marley Double Roman Interlocking Tile - Pack of 32


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  • Code: MA10320
  • Brand: Marley
  • Availability: 2-3 days

Product Information

A modern version of the roll profile seen on roofs throughout Europe for over 2000 years, the Double Roman offers all the functional benefits of todays interlocking concrete tile technology.

All of our concrete interlocking tiles can achieve an 'A+' rating (the lowest environmental impact) in the Building Research Establishment's Green Guide to Specification (* element ref: 812410007, 812410018, 812410049).

Large format with a classic roll profile


  • Supremely functional
  • Excellent covering capacity
  • Can achieve an A+ rating in the BRE Green Guide to Specification*
  • An 'Excellent' certification for BES 6001


Colour MA10320: Antique Brown (g)
MA10322: Greystone (g)
MA10326: Dark Red (g)
MA10328: Smooth Grey (s)
MA10339: Mosborough Red (s)
MA10352: Smooth Brown (s)
MA10380: Old English Dark Red (s)
Material Concrete
LowPitch (Y|N) N
Renovation / Refurbishment (Y|N) Y
New Build (Y|N) Y
Extension (Y|N) Y
Vertical (Y|N) Y
Modern Style (Y|N) N
Classic Style (Y|N) Y
Availability (STD|MTO) STD
Product Dimensions (L x W x T) 420mm x 330mm x 28mm
Cover width + tol 300mm
Covering capacity /m2 min headlap 9.7
Covering capacity /m2 max headlap 9.7
Weight of unit approx 4.95kg
Installed weight min headlap (kg / m2) 44
Fire resistance Yes
Laid straight bond (Y|N) Y
Laid broken bond (Y|N) Y
Pieces on pallet 192
Size of Tile

420mm x 330mm

Minimum Pitch

25° Smooth (75mm headlap)

30° Granular (75mm headlap)

22.5° Smooth (100mm headlap)

Maximum Pitch


Minimum Headlap


Maximum Gauge


Cover Width

300mm (nominal)

Covering Capacity

9.7 tiles /m2 at 75mm headlap

10.4 tiles /m2 at 100mm headlap

Weight of Tiling

44kg/m2 (0.43 Kn/m2) at 75mm headlap

47kg/m2 (0.46 Kn/m2) at 100mm headlap

Battens Required

2.9 lin.m/m2 at 75mm headlap

3.1 lin.m/m2 at 100mm headlap

Batten Size Recommended

38x 25mm for rafters/supports not exceeding 450mm centres

50 x 25mm for rafters/supports not exceeding 600mm centres

Tile Nails

65mm x 3.35mm

Hanging length

397mm (nominal)