Marley Eternit Hawkins Clay Roof Plain Tile MAKE302AB


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Marley Hawkins Clay Roof Plain Tile - Pack of 12


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  • Brand: Marley
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Product Information

Advances in clay roof tile technology means that the Hawkins single camber range combines heritage with the most modern firing techniques combining the quality and versatility of a clay plain tile with the affordability of other materials.

Hawkins is a traditional brand with over 150 years of heritage associated with its brand, and yet it still offers market breaking performance thanks to an astounding 30 degrees minimum pitch capability.

Heritage, quality and versatility


  • A heritage brand with a strong colour range and extra versatility thanks to market leading performance
  • All of this at an affordable price making them a real option for any roofing project
  • 5 colours available in the range including the unique fired sienna weathered effect finish
  • An 'Excellent' certification for BES 6001 (all clay plain tiles)
  • Amazing 30å¡ minimum pitch for greater design flexibility


Colour MAKE302AB: Dark Heather
MAKE303AB: Staffordshire Mix
MAKE306AB: Staffordshire Blue
MAKE308AB: Blue Smooth
MAKE311AB: Fired Sienna
Material Clay
Size of Tile

265mm x 165mm

Minimum Pitch


Maximum Pitch


Minimum Headlap

65mm (roof)

37.5mm (vertical)

Maximum Gauge

100mm (roof)

115mm (vertical)

Cover Width

165mm (nominal)

Covering Capacity

60 tiles/må_ at 100mm gauge (roof)

53 tiles/må_ at 115mm gauge (vertical)

Weight of Tiling

64kg/må_ (0.63 kN/må_) at 100mm gauge (roof)

56g/må_ (0.55 kN/må_) at 115mm gauge (vertical)

Battens Required

10.0 lin.m/må_ at 100mm gauge (roof)

8.7 lin.m/må_ at 115mm gauge (vertical)

Batten Size Recommended

38mm x 25mm for rafters/supports not exceeding 600mm centres

Tile Nails

38mm x 2.65mm