Marley Lincoln Clay PanTiles - Band of 88


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Marley Lincoln Clay PanTiles - Band of 88


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  • Code: 123890
  • Brand: Marley
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Product Information

Advances in our clay tile technology means beautiful clay pan tiles are now more affordable than ever, this combined with a range of fittings and Universal accessories make Marley Eternit clay interlocking tiles a real option for your roofing project.

Lincoln combines the bold and beautiful curves of traditional clay pan tiles with all the installation simplicity and speed required for today's roofs.This means that Lincoln affords the rich appeal of natural, clay pantiled roofs, a thin leading edge and a beauty that matures over time.

As well as quick and easy installation, Lincoln can be installed to meet the latest fixing requirements of BS 5534 and the NHBC technical standards, without compromising tradition.

An easy-to-fit traditional clay pan tile with an open gauge design


  • Traditional s-curve profile with a thin leading edge
  • Easy and fast to install with an open gauge design
  • A low minimum pitch of 17.5å¡
  • Coverage of 15.3 tiles per m2at maximum gauge
  • Available in Rustic Red and Natural Red
  • Comprehensive range of fittings and accessories
  • Can be installed in line with latest fixing requirements to BS 5534


Colour 123890: Natural Red
123891: Rustic Red
Material Clay
Size of Tile

370mm x 247mm

Minimum Pitch

17.5å¡ at 120mm headlap

22.5å¡ at 75mm headlap

Maximum Pitch


Minimum Headlap

75mm (minimum)

Cover Width

222mm (nominal)

Covering Capacity

15.3 tiles/må_ at 75mm headlap

18.0 tiles/m2at 120mm headlap

Weight of Tiling

43.0 kg/må_ at 75mm headlap (approx.)

50.4 kg/m2at 120mm headlap (approx.)

Battens Required

3.4 lin.m/må_ at 75mm headlap (net)

4.0 lin.m/må_ at 120mm headlap (net)

Batten Size Recommended

38 x 25mm for rafters/supports not exceeding 450mm centres (fixed to BS 5534)

50 x 25mm for rafters/supports not exceeding 600mm centres (fixed to BS 5534)

Tile Nails

38mm x 3.35mm aluminium clout head