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Product Information

The Postel clay tile originates from the Courtrai tile, which was imported into the UK from Belgium between the world wars due to a lack of indigenous supply at the time.

It was particularly popular in the South-East of England. Thousands of housing estates were covered with these tiles and many are now in need of re-roofing. In many cases a like-for-like replacement is required and the Postel tile is the perfect solution.

Colour: Brindle


Postel Clay tiles conform to BS EN 1304:2013 Clay roofing tiles and fittings - Product definitions and specifications.


Postel Clay tiles have been rigorously tested in the Group wind tunnel where combinations of high wind and driving rain are used to determine the tile performance with respect to wind loading and weathertightness. Tiles will meet all the requirements of BS 5534: 2014 Code of practice for slating and tiling (including shingles), providing Redland fixing recommendations are complied with.

Technical Details

Size 315 X 230 mm
Minimum Pitch 20̴åÁ at 70 mm headlap
Maximum Pitch 90̴åÁ subject to fixing specification
Maximum Headlap 80 mm
Minimum Gauge 235 mm
Maximum Gauge 245 mm
Tile Thickness 28 mm
Hanging Length 285 mm
Linear Cover of 1 Tile 200 mm
Covering Capacity (net) 20.4 tiles/m̴_ at 245 mm gauge
Laid Weight 41 kg/m̴_ at 245 mm gauge
Battens required 4.08 m/m̴_ at 245 mm gauge
Nail Size 45 x 3.35 mm stainless steel ring shanked
Tiles per pallet 600
Tiles per pack 8
Packs per pallet 75


  • Tiles must be laid in a straight bond pattern from right to left
  • Tiles must be hung on their nibs
  • Eaves Comb must be used at all eaves situations
  • At left hand verges use LH Verge Tiles
  • As there is very little headlap variability it is likely that the top course of tiles will need to be cut at the head to fit the rafter length
  • Individual tiles can be nailed or screwed
  • Although the nail holes are blind, the thin layer of material covering the nail hole can easily be broken through when driving in the nail
  • Always refer to FixMaster for a BS 5534-compliant fixing specification

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